Pilot Programs: Review Process

Submitted proposals will progress through the following four phases:


Phase 1: Submit & Review

Submit the completed Pilot Idea Application.

Following review, the applicant will be notified that either:

  1. The proposed project passed the requirements of Phase 1 and the applicant is now invited to participate in Phase 2.
  2. The proposed project does not sufficiently meet one or more of Consumers Energy’s criteria for project approval.

This phase will take 2 weeks.


Phase 2: Scoring & Ranking

Consumers Energy staff will score the proposals based on a wide range of criteria. Proposals receiving a high score will progress to Phase 3. The applicant will be notified when this takes place or if the proposal is not accepted for further review.

This phase will take 2 to 4 weeks.


Phase 3: Concept Pitch

The Pilot Origination and Design committee will present the project proposal to the Consumers Energy Pilot and Specialty management team for funding and partnership consideration. There will be no appeal process if the project proposal is declined.

This phase will take a minimum of 4 weeks.


Phase 4: Contract & Project Start

Once the Pilot program receives final approval, vendors will undergo a subcontractor vetting process and be required to contract with Consumers Energy before the project can begin.

This phase will take 4 to 6 weeks.