To access your individual company Scorecard, apply today to become a Consumers Energy Trade Ally

Benefits of becoming a Trade Ally include:

  • Your company listed as a registered program Trade Ally on
  • Opportunities to attend special Trade Ally appreciation events
  • Personal assistance/guidance from our program Energy Reduction Specialists
  • Access to free exclusive program training
  • A Trade Ally Scorecard which allows you to compare your business to your competition, view your tiered status and get a snapshot of your performance
  • An annual bonus based on program participation for the year
  • Eligible for Rewards Program
  • Exclusive access to our Trade Ally Portal

Trade Allies in Gold and Silver tiers will receive a bonus check based on their annual contribution to the program and a Trade Ally badge. 

  • Gold: 2% of incentives for all paid projects
  • Silver: 1% of incentives for all paid projects

The program Preferred Trade Ally badge reflects previous program year performance rating, to use on corporate marketing. 

How is my Trade Ally status determined?

Tiers are calculated based on reaching a minimum number of projects and electric or natural gas savings annually.
  • Gold – 25 Completed, or Total Savings: 300,000 kWh or 10,000 Mcf
  • Silver – 10 Completed, or Total Savings: 50,000 kWh or 1,000 Mcf
  • Bronze – Being a Trade Ally

Which Consumers Energy incentive programs are eligible for the bonus?

  • Projects from our custom and prescriptive measure program and Small Business program are eligible. Midstream, Pilot and Specialty projects are not eligible for the annual bonus.

I was a Gold/Silver TA last year. Will I be considered Gold/Silver again this year?

Trade allies earn a status on the previous year’s performance and will remain that status the entire year.  
  • Trade Allies status is updated annually following evaluation of previous year’s performance and contribution are determined.
  • Trade Allies must achieve the required project count or savings to reach previous status again.
  • If a Trade Ally does not continue to meet the minimum requirements, the status will not continue to carry over.

How can I view my Scorecard?

There are multiple ways to obtain your scorecard:

  • Use our web portal to generate your Scorecard PDF
  • Your Energy Reduction Specialist can generate your personalized Scorecard at any time
  • Quarterly updates will be distributed by their Energy Reduction Specialist to all Trade Allies.